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The AMS Skills Barometer of the Dep. for Labour Market Research and Vocational Information of the Public Employment Service (PES) Austria is a comprehensive online information system on qualification trends for the Austrian labour market. The structure and presentation correspond to the 24 summarized vocational fields - e.g. from construction/sub construction (work), electrics/electronics, and media/art/culture – down to the level of individual professions. The regional characteristics are also taken into consideration (at the federal state level). Additionally, the most strongly requested occupations and qualifications in each of the 24 vocational fields are included in the Top 5 Jobs.

The AMS Skills Barometer addresses both the broad public - e.g. persons, who are confronted with taking a decision on their vocational future - and in particular the PES employees, journalists and decision makers in the fields of education, vocational training, politics and economics. It is the abundance of the contained data, its up-to-dateness, its forecast function and, last but not least, the clear presentation of data that turns the AMS Skills Barometer into a valuable instrument for all those who are interested - privately or professionally - in the developments of the labour market.

The guided tour and the help sites provide extensive support with the browsing through the AMS Skills Barometer.

AMS Skills Barometer:

Top Trends:

On the up-to-dateness of the texts and sources of the AMS Skills Barometer
Most of the information texts of the AMS Skills Barometer are being up-dated half-yearly, the remaining texts once annually. The forecast function amounts to four years. The surveys, together with the results of expert interviews and the extensive analyses of published vacancies in the Austrian media, contribute additionally to the work promoted by the AMS Skills Barometer. Executives, staff managers and members of executive committees of vocational associations and guilds are regularly interviewed. The labour market analyses are based on the continuous monitoring and analysis of the most important media; currently 84 daily and weekly papers are searched through.

Adjacent menu items to the AMS Skills Barometer
In the menu items you will find on the one hand materials, which are pulled up for the production of the AMS Skills Barometer (e.g. PES labour market analyses), and on the other hand materials, which represent for their part an evaluation of the PES qualification barometer (e.g. PES annual qualification structure reports). In detail:
  • Highlights: current news, tips and information on the AMS Skills Barometer.
  • Short publications: papers on current and/or selected topics of the AMS Skills Barometer, e.g. update information to the half-yearly actualisations.
  • PES labour market analyses: reports to the annually comprehensive labour market analyses of the PES that represent an important basis for the statements in the AMS Skills Barometer.
  • PES qualification structure reports: they concern the documented annual reports as regard to the AMS Skills Barometer. They are available both on a national and regional level.
  • PES manuals: The PES manuals, available for each Austrian province, give an overview on staff requirement trends as well as on relevant further training topics; they support thereby the regional planning and adaptation of the initial and further training of job-seekers and employees.
Editorial department/feedback to the AMS Skills Barometer
The AMS Skills Barometer is set up on behalf of the Dep. for Labour Market Research and Vocational Information of the Public Employment Service (PES) Austria. 3s Management Consultancy Ltd. and the Institute for Research on Qualifications and Training of the Austrian economy (ibw) administer and edit the information within the AMS Skills Barometer.

For your comments, further inquiries and suggestions to the editors of the AMS Skills Barometer please use the following link: