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Statistic data
The labour market database is developed by the Public Employment Service Austria and by the Federal Ministry for Labour, Social Affairs and Consumer Protection.
This database supplies (anonymised) individual and company-related information on the Austrian labour market as, for example, periods of employment / unemployment, OLF (out of labour force) phases etc. The database provides raw data of the Main Association of Austrian Social Security Institutions and the Public Employment Service Austria.
The database can only be accessed by registered users liable to pay costs. However, at first registration, the labour market database can be tested for two weeks free of charge.
Budget, labour market and beneficiary information system (BALI)
The online database query system BALI (Budget, labour market and beneficiary information system) offers the possibility to combine the published data of the Main Association of Austrian Social Security Institutions on dependent employment with the PES data on unemployment and self-employment. The data are according to the PES data Warehouse, EUROSTAT as far as the unemployment rate is concerned and to Statistics Austria as regards population statistics. The data are available as tables in the standard format, but mainly as customizable queries and as time series. BALI is administered by the APF team of the section II in the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Labour.
Economic and labour Market information system (ELIS)
The information system ELIS (Economic and labour Market information System) supplies ready-made tables on the current labour market and economic situation, overviews on the development of performance and unemployment insurance policy. It also provides labour market policy indicators and a special data collection on the topic "foreign nationals on the Austrian labour market".
International Labour Organisation (ILO)
Labour market data of the Public Employment Service
In the AMB Web application you will find information on: monthly and annual unemployment, market for apprenticeship positions, job offers, employment of foreign nationals and persons in receipt of benefit. This information has been provided since January 1987 based on the PES Data Warehouse, with the help of Cognos Data Warehouse software.
Main Association of Austrian Social Security Institutions
Statistic information on all social insurance topics, such as monthly employment statistics and data relevant to the Austrian health care system.
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) - Statistics
Statistics Austria
Working climate index
The Austrian working climate index is a product of the Upper Austrian Chamber of Labour and of two social research institutes: IFES and SORA. The index has been regularly evaluated since spring 1997. Within the framework of a special survey, 900 employees throughout Austria are interviewed quarterly. Twice a year a special evaluation of the index brings out particularly interesting developments of job satisfaction.