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The service site ”Job Chances with Academic Studies” on the platform www.ams

The job information brochures belonging to the series” Job Chances with Academic Studies” and the Job Lexicon 3 – Academic Careers (available only in German) represent the medial backbone of the comprehensive vocational and labour market information, that the Dep. for Labour Market Research and Vocational Information of the Public Employment Service (PES) Austria provides to the universities and to the Vocational Teacher Training Universities.

In connection with other functions of the website (e.g. research reports on the academic field as PDF downloads in the e-library of the PES research network, PES qualification barometer, the vocational information brochure „Vocational Choices for High School Leavers”) the ”Job Chances with Academic Studies” provides extensive information on vocational opportunities for the alumni of the Austrian universities, universities of applied sciences and Vocational Teacher Training Universities. The ”Job Chances with Academic Studies” offers support according to career entry, professionalism, Lifelong Learning & Innovation.

”Job Chances with Academic Studies” addresses both (prospective) alumni and students, who are about to decide on their vocational future, employees of the PES, apprentices, researchers, vocational and occupational trainers, journalists and policy-makers in the field of education, vocational training, politics and economics. Due to its abundance on information, its diversity and critical representation ”Job Chances with Academic Studies” is a valuable instrument for all those who are interested - privately or professionally - in the development of the labour market for university graduates.
Immediate access to: Vocational information brochures and Job Lexicon 3
Job Chances with Academic Studies UNI/FH/PH
Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences
Cultural and Human Sciences
Degree programmes at the University of Applied Sciences
Professional Certificate in Secondary Education
Mining and metallurgy
Natural Sciences
Social and Business Sciences
Technic and Engineering
Veterinary Medicine
Job Chances with Academic Studies (database)
Job Lexicon 3 – Academic Careers (database)
Vocational information Brochure - „Vocational Choices for High School Leavers” (Matura)
On the up-to-dateness of ”Job Chances with Academic Studies” and Job Lexicon 3

The job and labour market information in the information brochures, which are extracted of the series ”Job Chances with Academic Studies” and Job Lexicon 3 - Academic Careers are updated regularly.
For the daily up-dated study information (study courses / academic curricula in the case of universities, Universities of Applied Sciences and Vocational Teacher Training Universities), curricular setups, post gradual further training courses etc. we recommend the data base of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research. For all fields of studies, respectively university courses offered by Austrian universities please visit:

The homepage of the Agency for Quality Assurance and Accreditation Austria (AQ Austria) provides extensive information on the Austrian FH sector.