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Panel Discussion: The EU in Crisis - Effects in different policy areas


Ort: Wien

European integration is in a time of crisis: The breakdown of the US investment bank Lehman Brothers triggered a banking and sovereign debt crisis that turned into an economic and political crisis that not only, but particularly, affected the EU - which in parallel also encountered unforeseen problems in its near neighborhood and transatlantic relations. This has a profound impact on different EU policies. The Institute for European Integration Research has therefore initiated a major collaborative project comparing the effects of the euro crisis, in a wide sense, on the EU’s various policy domains, including financial market integration, health, migration, research, energy, foreign and state aid policies. The panel will present the main findings of the project as well as related research by international scholars, and will debate major aspects from an interdisciplinary angle: What is the crisis’ effect on EU decision-making? Can heightened functional pressures have a facilitating effect and open up "joint-decision traps"? In other words, can the governments find consensus more easily under time pressure and looming disaster? Has the crisis impacted the most central EU policies and, if so, in constraining or enabling ways? Additionally, how much has solidarity been affected in times of crisis?

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